Happy 37th Birthday, Manu!


Happy 37th Birthday, Manu!


Interval | 318 [pixiv] 
Update: I GOT IT!

Wow. And after I posted it too, it was like really -_-


Yep Spongebob comes on and the complaints about Spongebob begins.

Look on the bight side: It’s not Full House this time.

If people really think that Spongebob directors really went to the Nickelodeon execs and said “Put a rerun of us instead of a new Korra” I don’t know what to say.

Got to admit. I thought it was Zhu Li for a sec.

"Maybe it wasn’t a guard" + They questioned only Varrick.

Thank goodness it wasn’t.

"Do the thing Zhu Li."

Well that settles it.

Amon > Red Lotus

So Before Korra…

I’m watching two reject actors being unfunny fighting with bread. Let’s get to Korra please!


!~Ninjago Ninja (+samurai) merch available on Society6~!

if anyone has any other merch ideas involving the sticker designs i’d be happy to hear them

Legend of Korra LiveBlog

Starts now!

Been playing Wind Waker

Thanks to Mario Kart 8 and their free game giveaway and I chose Wind Waker, never played the GC version, never really been in the Zelda fandom before…until now.

Also Tetra and Link are one of my new OTPs. <3


This weeks American hero. 

Happy 29th birthday, Bergy!